What do I need to get a HGV 1 Job

What do I need to get a HGV 1 job?

HGV stands for Heavy Good Vehicle. Purpose of heavy good vehicle (HGV) lorry drivers is to deliver and transport goods between customers and suppliers. You can apply to any company or search through internet to get a HGV 1 job, but you must be compatible to some skills and qualities before getting the job. They are listed below

Entry Requirements

You’ll need to be 18+ and must have a full driving license. You can complete your training course with a private training provider. Also you can apply as a trainee with a fright company.

Skills required for HGV 1 job

You’ll need

  • You should hold perfect driving skills with road safety signs knowledge which can come with free hgv training

  • You must have an ability to work on yourself and concentrate for long period easily.

  • You must treat your customers in a polite manner.

  • You should hold the ability to complete paper work and record sheets accurately.

You need these things to get a HGV class 1 jobs because you’ll be running a commercial vehicle with almost 7-8 tones, comprising articulated Lorries, transporters and trailer wagons, and even tankers. You’ll perform your duty from depots, warehouses and distribution centres.

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